Palapalai, or palai, is a species of fern indigenous to Hawaiʻi. Growing around 2-3 feet in height, palapalai can be found on all main Hawaiian islands, primarily in mesic forests. As a kinolau (physical embodiment) of Laka, the Hawaiian goddess of hula, palai is culturally significant, especially for hula practitioners. Lei made of palapalai are a common adornment and offering on the kuahu for Laka (hula altar). Palai offers a sweet and inviting fragrance.

This print was created in partnership with watercolor artist Krystal Kramer.  Check out @coast_to_coast_artist on Instagram.

Kaleimamo palapalai wet bag
Palapalai cloth diaper baby
Palapalai diaper pod ilima lei
Kaleimamo palapalai cloth diaper
palapalai cloth diaper