Kū i ke Koʻa

Being an island people, Native Hawaiians rely on the ocean for many things, including food. Thankfully, Hawaiʻi’s coral reefs and surrounding waters are home to a wide diversity of marine life. This print features some of our favorite reef fish, including ʻōmilu, uhu ʻahuʻula, uhu uliuli, āholehole, ʻāweoweo, kala, weke ʻā, nenue, ʻamaʻama, and kūmū! Each species is unique and requires different techniques to catch and prepare. These traditions are passed down in lawaiʻa (fishing) families from generation to generation.

The print was created in collaboration with fellow Native Hawaiian-owned business, Kahua ‘Āina.

Kaleimamo Kahua 'Āina Kū i ke Koʻa cloth diaper
Kaleimamo Kahua ʻĀina Kū i ke Koʻa Pod
Kaleimamo Kahua ʻĀina Kū i ke Koʻa Wet Bag
Kaleimamo cloth diaper kahua ʻāina kū i ke koʻa
Kaleimamo Hawaii Kahua ʻĀina cloth diaper kū i ke koʻa baby on surfboard

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